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They are layer.. Don't believe TANGARINE anything They are layer, they are more expensive .. they don't pay on time... they don't accomplish with what

they offer... it is a real nightmare.. be smart don't do what we did.. quite obvious they only want your business.

to bad i am going to protests the to the consumer protection ...this can not be right.. they ***.. they laid and we have to accepted.

Now for more confusion i revd a letter that a Co. Pivotal Payments are taken over. It is no fear to deal with companies like this in our daily lifes

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What more can I say.You have been warned.

Hidden fees, excesively long contract, extreamly poor support.This si the compnay to processes your cards if you want to be totally ripped off.


Pivotal Payments is the worst processor we have ever dealt with.They don't process on time, they have all kinds of fees, they have HIDDEN fees, CANCELLATION FEES.

THEIR PARTNER CYNERGY DATA IS IN BANKRUPCY!!!!! Pivotal may go into bankrupcy!!

THAT would be nice to see.DO NOT USE THEM.

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